Kramasz wins 2022 Mr. LHS title

Contestants at Mr. LHS receive their awards. Photo courtesy of Alana Ramos, LHS Yearbook. (Photo courtesy of Alana Ramos, LHS Yearbook.)
Jack Kramasz won the annual Mr. LHS competition, held Nov. 17 in the P1FCU Performing Arts Center. Mr. LHS is a fundraiser for the school cheer team that includes a group of senior boys who participate in a series of competitions to determine who wins the title of Mr. LHS.
This year’s theme, Mr. LHS Mach ‘23, was inspired by the movie Top Gun. The event included 11 contestants who participated in an introduction, fitness portion, swimwear routine, talent portion, and a composure and interview contest.
The contestants enjoyed putting on the show.
“I think the whole experience was something that every person should go through, that every person should experience,” Kramasz said.
Jared Jelinek won first runner-up and also tied with Luke Mastroberardino for fitness. Mastroberardino and Max Shaefer tied for the second runners-up.
“Honestly, just hanging out with the dudes was such a great time,” Shaefer shared about his experience. “Everyone in there was having such a fun time.”
Shaefer also tied with Trace Steele for the talent winner. During his performance of “Say It Ain’t So,” Schaefer said, “This is awesome!” which immediately became the night’s motto.
Nathan Renzelman won the swimwear award, Robert Storm won for composure, and Kramasz won the interview award. The cheerleaders voted on the Spirit of Mr. LHS award, which Esten Lee won.
“We knew in our hearts that we all had fun,” Lee said after the competition. “That’s more important than any amount of medals that anybody won.”
Many of the contestants said their favorite part of Mr. LHS was simply getting to hang out with the other contestants, getting to know their classmates better. The contestants would recommend participating in Mr. LHS to the future senior boys.