Would You Rather

Q: Would you rather find 1,000 cockroaches in your basement or a person?
Brittan Schatz: Person
Dylana Lynch: Cockroaches
Jayden Plechner: Person
Julia Franklin: Person
Ruby Gese: Cockroaches
Skyles Smith: Person

Q: Would you rather break your cell phone or your leg?
Brittan: Cell phone
Dylana: Cell phone
Jayden: Cell phone
Julia: Leg
Ruby: Leg
Skyles: Leg

Q: Would you rather have a reverse or fast forward button in life?
Brittan: Reverse
Jayden: Reverse
Julia: Fast forward
Skyles: Reverse

Q: Would you rather see the future or change the past:
Brittan: See the future
Jayden: Change the past
Julia: See the future
Skyles: Change the past

Q: Would you rather have a longer lunch or have school start later?
Brittan: Start school later
Jayden: Start school later
Julia: Start school later
Skyles: Start school later