Shootings: Handling dangerous situations

Eli Thomas, News Assistant

Robert Massey, LHS Student Resource Officer
In the wake of the tragic Florida shooting that killed 17 people on Feb.14, it is human nature to think about what would happen if there was an active shooter here at LHS.

Students at LHS have been asking, “What would I need to do?” and “What can I do as a student to prevent this from happening here?”

Student Resource Officer, Robert Massey said that security at LHS is “on par.” Massey added that he has attended active shooter training multiple times and is well-prepared for potential school shootings.

He recommended that students always keep an eye out for suspicious activity at school, whether an unfamiliar face is roaming the halls or a fellow student does not feel right.

“It never hurts to say something,” Massey said.

During an active shooter situation, Massey recommends:
• Teachers should make sure their classroom doors are locked and turn off the lights.
• Students who are not in a classroom during an emergency should go to the nearest one.
• All should remain quiet and wait for a school official or for law enforcement to come to the classroom.
• Always fight.