10 ornaments found on everyone’s tree

Abby Bower, News Editor

By Abby Bower
News Editor
10. The preschool project– This ornament is one typically made in preschool, or kindergarten. It’s probably poorly painted and glued together making it so worn out that it shouldn’t even be on the tree, but mom refuses to throw it away for, like, sentimental reasons.
9. The inevitable disaster– This ornament probably came in a pack of like five or 10, and every year when they get put on the tree someone says something along the lines of, “make sure not to break these ones.” But every year one was dropped, or put on an unsturdy branch and, well, you know the rest.
8. The life proof ornament– These are pretty similar, if not the same as the glass ornaments, look wise. But, they’re shatter proof, and probably had to be picked up from Walmart after the 5th year in a row of cleaning broken glass shards off of presents.
7. The ancient eyesore– This ornament varies from family to family but no matter what it might be, there’s one commonality. It’s another one of the classics that mom can’t part with just yet even despite how ugly or worn down it is. It might be winter, but this ornament still isn’t looking too hot, and it’s definitely time to throw it away.
6. The Christ-mess– These ornaments are no doubt some of the prettiest ones, the way they sparkle in the light of your tree every time you turn it on, it’s a real attention-grabber. But, every year when you take it out of the box, it finds a way to get glitter just about everywhere in your house. How does it even still have glitter on it? The world may never know.
5. The embarrassment – This ornament could probably fall into the childhood ornament category, but there’s one factor that makes it stand out, a poorly taken photo. This picture was most likely of a five or six year old, maybe even younger, and they most likely had an old Santa hat on their head or maybe even a pair of elf ears. Bonus points if they’re crying in the picture.
4. The obligatory decoration– These definitely aren’t considered ornaments, and they really shouldn’t be, but they’re still a Christmas tree staple. I mean, you wouldn’t even be able to see the ornaments on your tree if you didn’t have these to light them up.
3. The big ole ornament– The name is pretty self-explanatory for these ones. Maybe you got one as a gift, or maybe your mom saw one in a store and thought it was too pretty not to buy, but either way this ornament is way too bit and heavy to be on the tree. You can probably find it on one of the bottom branches every year, sitting about 1 cm off the ground and barely keeping itself from sliding off entirely.
2. The Hand-me-down– This one probably holds the most sentimental value, especially to your mom. It’s been handed down from grandparents or great-grandparents and might not be the best looking one on the tree but it definitely has the best backstory.
1. The Christmas controversy – While this one varies from house to house, it’s no doubt that these are the two most common things to crown the tree. This also could fit into the category of the biggest Christmas debate, as many people have strong opinions on which one is the most fitting to see on top of the tree. Is it even really Christmas if there isn’t a family fight about which one looks better? And as for everyone that thinks an angel looks better than a star on top of a Christmas tree, get some glasses.

photo courtesy of homedepot.com