Recycling hoax proves false


A leadership student takes recyclable material to the LHS trash cans’ located on campus.

A recycling conspiracy has been circulating lately, with some at LHS wondering if paper recycling actually happening. Some theories have involved the dumping of said recycling. Others have said it’s been smuggled out for extra cash on the side. These rumors can peak a reporter’s interest after enough repetition.
But after looking deeper, the facts behind such rumors are paper thin. It can clearly be seen in the campus cul de sac that trucks are retrieving the recycling. It’s sad to see that the theories are unfounded, as the paper is not stationary, but moving. Some would say the entire idea that this isn’t real is quite tear-able. Along with this it can be confirmed by the Student body that the recycling in fact is being taken out. As they, themselves, are the ones taking it out to the bins.
Another question commonly asked is why the windows in the DTEC building open. What purpose could this serve? Well there is no, clear, answer to this question.
Though it may pain some people to hear this it’s honestly up to speculation what the point of the unopenable windows is. A good theory, would be the reinforcement theory. That unopenable windows are stronger and thus safer. But the problem with this hypothesis is the question; why wouldn’t every window in the main building be like this?
One more theory is just the question of budget. Maybe unopenable windows are cheaper, and therefore less costly for the newly created building and school.
This investigation shall continue.