Covid-19 Updates

To LHS students from your teachers and school staff:

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Ongoing Covid-19 updates related to Lewiston schools
This page will show a compilation of ongoing updates related to Lewiston High School, the Lewiston School District, and the coronavirus or Covid-19. Because we are working remotely while school is closed, information here is copied from its source, rather than written by LHS students.
— Charity Egland, adviser, The Bengal’s Purr

March 31, 2020 — Bus stop food deliveries to start April 2

March 30, 2020 — Notice to families from LHS

March 29, 2020 — Notice to families from superintendent

March 23, 2020 — Notice to families from superintendent

March 23, 2020 — From the Lewiston Tribune: BREAKING, School districts in Idaho to close through at least April 20. See more at

March 18, 2020 — From Lewiston High School: “Join Google Classroom for all Courses by March 27.” Click here for LHS student and parent information on joining and using Google Classroom.

March 18, 2020 — From the district: “GRAB & GO FOOD SERVICES HAVE BEEN EXTENDED THROUGH SPRING BREAK (03.27.2020) Same locations and times”

March 17, 2020 — Click here for updates about senior projects for the LHS class of 2020.

Food services during school closure March 16-20

March 16, 2020 — Click here for the LHS update regarding sports and the Idaho High School Activities Association.

March 16, 2020 — No LHS lessons and assignments for this week

March 16, 2020,— From the district: “Daily food services at Jenifer & Sacajawea for Lewiston students & household members ages 1-18 years from 11am-1pm this week starting today.”

March 15, 2020, from the district: School closure, COVID-19

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Covid-19 Updates