Connection is crucial for best high school experience


Students cheer at Battle of the Bridges. Photo by Matthew Dugdale.

Picture this: It’s game day for Battle of the Bridges. Students flood the gym for the pep assembly, dressed head to toe in purple and gold, each one excited to beat the Bantams.
Except that is far from what happened. Less than a third of students participated in dressing for spirit day, and less than half seemed excited about supporting the football team. That doesn’t even cover those who did not even attend the assembly.
If students felt connected, there would be a greater sense of school pride at LHS. Being involved in groups within the school can help give students pride in being a Bengal. Staying involved is an essential part of having a fulfilling high school experience. Joining in on more than just academics is a surefire way to get the most out of the time spent in high school — from various opportunities and making connections with people, to learning new skills and setting oneself up for future success,
Here at LHS, students are lucky to have plenty of opportunities to be a part of something outside academics. Because of the numerous clubs at LHS, there’s something for everyone. There are many opportunities to get involved, from service-based organizations like FCCLA and KEY Club to one of the many sports teams.
Some of these groups include Drama, DECA, HOSA, Tech Club, Women’s Empowerment Club and Ping-Pong Club. Something as simple as dressing up for spirit week or showing up to support Bengal sports teams and club events are great ways to feel a part of something bigger. These clubs and organizations are a privilege and an opportunity to make something out of the years spent in high school.
Most high school students would say that the best part of school is getting to see friends. Humans are made to be in community with one another, and what better way to do that than being connected to people with similar interests?
Seyi Arogundade, a senior at LHS, is involved in ASB Leadership, The Bengal’s Purr, Yearbook, Mock Trial, Business Professionals of America (BPA) and the Distinguished Young Women program.
“A lot of my friends are in these organizations, and being really involved is a way I get to connect with the people I love most,” she said.
Making connections with people is what life is all about, and according to the article “Socio-emotional Adjustment,” most friendships are formed around a common interest.
Payton Finch, the 2022 ASB president, echoed this idea.
“Through involvement I have met people I never would have seen and experienced things that I otherwise might not have gotten the chance to,” Finch said. “The people make it worth it, though. In each group, I have a community of people that I absolutely adore. We are all investing in each other’s lives. I encourage everyone to find good communities of people who challenge you, but also who celebrate with you,”
Finch added that her network is much bigger now that she is involved than it was when she was only comfortable within her friend group.
“I love that clubs and groups bring people from all different backgrounds and beliefs and make them a community,” Finch said.
School involvement is positive for many reasons. For one, it means that one is well-rounded, and for those who have not filled out a college application yet, it means that a person has more than just academic achievements to boast about.
One of the biggest things that involvement requires is time management skills. Both Finch and Arogundade mentioned that free time was a significant sacrifice in. But they gain from the character and leadership growth, as well as the joy the activities brought.
“School doesn’t teach you all the life lessons or all the things you could learn from being in a club or being in a sport,” Arogundade added. “Being out there and finding something that you love to do is really important.”
Extracurricular activities can teach various skills, from teamwork and cooperation to creative problem solving, accountability and leadership.
High school could potentially be an uneventful and uninteresting place, but extracurriculars bring joy and meaning to student life, School can be something to look forward as well as something memorable to look back on.