2020-2021 Staff

Wendy Guo

Copy Editor

Hello everrrrybooody. I'm Wendy, a junior, and this will be my first year on The Bengal's Purr. I love Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal. I also love my cat Aster. He is the best boy ever. I taught him paw, high five, and sit.

Lexis Lane

Staff Reporter

Hi, I'm Lexi I am a sophomore at Lewiston High School! I am a current staff reporter for the Bengals Purr. I love to play volleyball, take pictures, and I enjoy going on adventures, such as drives and hikes.

Annika Lifvenborg


I enjoy practicing Photography!

Hannah Shoffitt


Hi, my name is Hannah and I enjoy reading and cooking in my free time.

Emily Gibson


Hi, I'm Emily and I'm a sophomore at LHS. In my free time, I like to play music and go on long walks.

Rylie Reagan


Hi I'm Rylie, I am a sophomore here at LHS. I enjoy writing about all the fun that happens in the valley. I also love photography and participating in community activities happening around the valley.

Taren Glenn


Hey, I'm Taren, and I like to read and write.

Braitton Beckstead


Hi. I like writing. I play soccer and run track. My favorite event is the 3200m.