Orange Hippo shares delicious, creative ideas


Eli Thomas, Co- Entertainment editor

Orange Hippo, a bakery and cafe at 644 Sixth St. in Clarkston, opened in September after a move from Asotin, Washington.
The shop mainly specializes in pastries, such as doughnuts and doughnut holes, but also serves pretzels, coffee and tea.
During a recent visit, the service was all right, but nothing exceptional. Orange Hippo’s atmosphere itself is warm and comfortable. It is decorated very skillfully and is aesthetically pleasing. All of the doughnuts were visually appealing and looked delicious, so it was very hard to choose what to eat. For this review, I chose the poop emoji doughnut and a doughnut covered in yellow frosting and sprinkles.
All of the doughnuts at Orange Hippo are beautifully decorated, but the poop emoji catches the eye more than anything else. It is a standard doughnut with chocolate frosting, but on top of it lies the bakery’s re-creation of the poop emoji pop culture icon. The crafting of the poop is beautiful and flawless. It looks almost identical to the actual emoji. At first bite, this doughnut is amazing. The chocolate in the frosting complements the fluffy dough superbly, enhancing the texture. The poop decoration on top also tastes wonderful. The frosting wasn’t too dry, but wasn’t too moist either. It looks amazing and funny, and tastes good all at the same time. The poop emoji doughnut gets a 9.7/10.
After that I tried the yellow sprinkled doughnut, which turned out to be sort of a disappointment, especially after such a masterpiece like the poop emoji doughnut. The only thing that the two doughnuts had in common was fluffy dough with great texture. But the rest of the doughnut left a lot to be desired. The overall taste of the doughnut was bland. No real flavors stood out. The sprinkles were also bland and did not add much concerning the overall taste of the doughnut. Most of them also fell off the doughnut upon first bite. The frosting on this doughnut also acted as more of a shell. It was very hard and wasn’t very pleasing to actually eat. This doughnut earned a 5.2/10.
Overall, Orange Hippo is a pretty decent place to grab a doughnut for an aching sweet tooth. Their friendly environment and creative doughnuts make them stand out from other breakfast cafes. For this reason Orange Hippo gets a 7.4/10