Locomotive park sparks up


The warm “winter spirit” fire burns in the heart of Locomotive Park in Lewiston in 2017.

Skylar Raymond, Features editor

The Lewiston-Clarkston community gathered Nov. 17 for the annual lighting of Locomotive Park in downtown Lewiston. Dancers from Footnotes and Dantz Dynamics performed for the outdoor crowd, as well as the LHS Gold Voices. Locomotive Park’s Christmas lights display has been a holiday staple for people in the Lewiston-Clarkston area for over 20 years. Walking around to experience the holiday spirit at Locomotive Park with family is a good way to walk off all of that Christmas dinner. Volunteers hang the lights in the beginning of November and keep them up until after the New Year. Visitors can go to Locomotive Park in downtown Lewiston any time of day or night to walk by the glistening lights with friends and loved ones.