Reporter discovers true, interesting facts about all 50 states

Map of the US courtesy of

Map of the US courtesy of

Flower Power Bower, News Editor

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Map of the US courtesy of

Alabama – This state is very family-oriented.

Alaska – This state is a 45-minute drive from Hawaii.

Arizona – There are more taco trucks in Arizona than there are people in Arizona.

Arkansas – Everyone who lives here is legally blind — more like Arkantsaw.

California – California is the least populated state in the United States.

Colorado – Many locals actually call this state Coloradon’t.

Delaware – What did Delaware? A New Jersey.

Florida – Florida’s average snowfall is higher than that of any other state.

Georgia – Growing peaches in Georgia is a crime.

Hawaii – This state is only a 30-minute drive from Alaska.

Idaho – Commonly known as the most beautiful state, Idaho is known mostly for it’s amazing educational system, but it is also filled with the most open-minded people in the country. It is also the only red state to have a 97 percent liberal population. Honestly, Idaho should no longer be known as a state, but as an extraordinary haven that all other states strive to become.

Illinois – It’s scientifically proven that Barack Obama is the only interesting person who has ever lived in Illinois.

Indiana – Indiana is actually just one giant portal to a different universe.

Iowa – It is illegal to go a day in Iowa without eating at least three ears of corn.

Kansas – All the streets in Kansas are made of bricks painted yellow.

Kentucky – More vegans live in Kentucky than in all other states combined.

Louisiana – Louisiana produces more boots than any other state.

Maine – In this state only, the word main is always spelled with an ‘e.’ For example: Maine Street, maine squeeze, maine land

Maryland – Dogs are considered citizens in Maryland and make up 47.2 percent of the population.

Massachusetts – More witches live in this state than other state, which is quite the coincidence because if you rearrange the letters in ‘Massachusetts’ it spells ‘witches.’

Michigan – Michigan is slowly sinking below The Great Lakes, and is predicted to be completely underwater by 2029.

Minnesota – The temperature hasn’t fallen below 62 degrees in Minnesota since 1989.

Mississippi – This state is more commonly misspelled than any other state.

Missouri – It’s illegal to feel any emotion except for happiness in Missouri.

Montana – This state was renamed in 2006 after the popular Disney show Hannah Montana debuted.

Nebraska – This state doesn’t actually exist, and anyone who claims to live here or to have visited here is lying.

Nevada – Area 51.

New Hampshire – This state is named after its own state animal, a hamster.

New Jersey – It is still unknown what sports team this state represents on its new jersey.

New Mexico – New Mexico will soon be named South Colorado because Donald Trump doesn’t want an American state named after Mexico.

New York – New York has never actually been a part of the U.S. It still belongs to Great Britain.

North Carolina – To pay homage to the first flight ever, which took place in this state in Kitty Hawk, it is now illegal to fly a plane over or in North Carolina.

North Dakota – Despite popular belief, North Dakota is actually located below South Carolina.

Ohio – This state is constantly sad because no one ever says ‘hi’ back.

Oklahoma – The only exciting thing that ever happened in Oklahoma was when it became the namesake for a popular musical.

Oregon – The state animal of Oregon is the Sasquatch.

Pennsylvania – Every writing utensil used in the U.S. is made in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island – Rhode Island has the largest land mass of any of the states.

South Carolina – South Carolina is further from North Carolina than any other state.

South Dakota – The superior Dakota.

Tennessee – It is illegal to use pick-up lines in Tennessee.

Texas – Texas has the smallest land mass of all 50 states.

Utah – Utah has more coffee shops than any single state in the US or any single country in the world.

Vermont – Maple syrup is a required option in every soda fountain in Vermont.

Virginia – This state was previously known as East Virginia, but it was shortened in 2001.

Washington – Adding too much creamer to coffee is a crime in Washington.

West Virginia – John Denver is the mayor of West Virginia.

Wisconsin – According to science, 98 percent of Wisconsinites are lactose intolerant.

Wyoming – Nothing has happened in Wyoming in 52 years.

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