Varsity Girl Soccer now led by head coach Richard Gayler


Isaiah Schmidt, Sports Editor

By Isaiah Schmidt
Sports Editor

This year Lewiston High School has just begun another season of soccer, with a new coach at the helm for the Varsity Girl’s team.

Richard Gayler, who previously taught the JV Boy’s team at Pullman and spent seven years in a varsity program at Moscow, has been playing soccer since he was in high school. Additionally, he started a position as the study hall monitor.
“The players are very hungry for information and development, so if you have a squad that is very eager to grow, it makes it really easy,” Gayler said. Looking forward to regionals, he said, “We’re going into playoffs in a right position in development, peaking at the right time, everything is building up to that point.” 

Gayler is ready to bring the team to the state competition level, carrying a competitive and optimist attitude. He commented that his favorite part of working with kids isn’t the success, or the winning, but “their smiles, seeing them come in, groggy mostly in the morning, but they’ve got warm smiles.” Good luck, Bengal soccer!