Teachers battle for food drive

Wendy Guo, News Assistant

Every year around the holidays, LHS students and staff hold a food drive to donate to those less fortunate. This year’s food drive began Dec. 2 and ends Dec. 20, with new changes made to how and where students donate food.

The ASB leadership class created a competition between two teachers each week, and they’re given the responsibilities of collecting canned foods. The teachers competing are:

Mike Jones vs Jordan Lockard for the first week, Dec. 2-6
Brendan Burns vs Julie Burke for the second week, Dec. 9-13
Mary Ann Funk vs Scott Funk to end the drive, Dec. 16-20

Two boxes representing the rivaling teachers went to each classroom, so students could choose to give canned food to their favorite teacher that’s in charge of that week.

Each pair of teachers then relays their donations and points to the next set of teachers for the following week.
The winners and losers will be announced at the Holiday Assembly Friday, Dec. 20, and the losing teacher has to kiss a pygmy goat.

The goal of this change is to create a fun way to participate in the drive, said Ari Feucht, who serves in LHS leadership as Senior Scrapbook Assistant Coordinator. She said it’s a chance tp give back to the community in a light-hearted competition among the staff and students.

“I really hope the student body gets into the competitions between the teachers so we can bring in as much food as we can to help families and individuals in the valley,” Feucht said. “It’s all about helping and giving back!”