Behind the scenes of Golden Throne 2020


Josie Hafer

LEWISTON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT LEADERSHIP, listed alphabetically: Benjamin Birdsell, Karson Bottens, Paige Boudreaux, Jennah Carpenter, Selah Chavez, Alec Eckert, Arielle Feucht, Tia Flaig, Ally Frazier, Jacob Hale, Shelby Hobbs, Logan Hunt, Allison Jacks, Laura Kokernak, Kash Lang, Nathan Littlejohn, Lillie Manyon, Logann Martin, Breanna Nine, Kit Pancheri, Audrey Parkey, Andujar Perez, Alexis Poxleitner, Skylar Raymond, Harrison Smith, L E Swanson, Kendall Teichmer, Eli Thomas, Gabby Trigsted, Annella Tucker, Lily Van Mullem, Elle Wagner Uhling, Devin Zagelow. Advisers: Emmett Dougherty. Photo by Josie Hafer.

Josie Hafer, Editor-in-Chief

   In the weeks leading up to Golden Throne 2020, both Lewiston and Clarkston high schools’ student ladership teams have been hard at work. These groups of students are in charge of creating spirit days, recruiting sponsors, organizing assemblies and so much more. 

   Both schools participate in a spirit link fundraiser that collects money for five chosen non-profit recipients in the Lewiston-Clarkston valley. This year, LHS and CHS have decided to donate to Willow Center, Homes of Hope, Backpacks for Kids, Rock Steady Boxing and The Green Apple Project. The amount of money that is raised by both schools is announced at the game and counts towards one school winning the prize of the coveted Golden Throne. 

   Leadership members are also responsible for making spirit days for their respective schools. This year, CHS chose to extend their spirit week to begin Friday, Jan. 17, to make up for the shortened school week before Golden Throne. Their spirit days included Sun vs. Snow Day, Teacher Look-a-like Day, Class Color Day, Soccer Mom vs. Barbeque Dad Day, and Bantam Pride Day. Abby Vance, a senior at CHS, said she was most looking forward to Soccer Mom vs. Barbeque Dad Day. 

   LHS spirit days included Music Genre Day, Dynamic Duo Day, College Gear Day and Bengal Pride day. Selah Chavez, a junior at LHS, said, “Music genre day was my favorite day. I borrowed a John Lennon shirt because he’s one of my favorite Beatles.”

   “The best part about being on Leadership is taking other people’s ideas who aren’t on Leadership and creating something really fun and fresh [with them],” said Molly Williams, a junior at CHS.

Williams serves as Public Relations Manager on the Leadership Executive Board.

“I like putting my ideas and others’ ideas into action. When people are excited about things, it’s nice to be the one that gets to be like, ‘OK, let’s do this!’ and then just roll with it,” said Annella Tucker, ASB Vice President at LHS.