Class of 2021: Trends of yesterday, today

Kristin Starr, Staff Reporter

It’s been 13 years since kindergarten, and now we are graduating. I’m sure we are starting to remember things from our childhood and all the fads that we grew up with over the years. Why not take a trip right down memory lane, and take a peek into those childhood memories before we step into adulthood?

Elementary School Top Three, 2008-2015

Honorable Mentions:
-Fluffy Bird Pens
-Pokemon Cards
-Flappy Bird
-Crossy Road
-Duct Tape Everything
-Five Nights at Freddy’s

Middle School Top Three, 2015-2018

Honorable Mentions:
-Socks and Sandals
-Dyed Hair
-Pop Sockets
-Highlighter Clothes

High School Top Three, 2019-2021

Honorable Mentions:
-Mom Jeans
-Nose Piercings
-Dutch Bros and Hot Shots
-Alternative Style