FAKE NEWS: Haristoween: New tradition combines Halloween and Christmas


Santa treats himself to some candy corn. Image courtesy of retaildoc.com

The 181-year old tradition of Halloween being held on Oct. 31 has officially ended. With changes occurring in the ideologies of individuals due to COVID-19, a decision was made that Halloween will move to Dec. 25. This dramatic change is due to exhaustion from the pandemic and the public wanting an easier life after COVID-19 trauma. The new date of Halloween lies on Christmas, giving both holidays a re-branding. This holiday merger has been branded Haristoween. Haristoween is the celebration of the roots of Halloween (pagan traditions) and the roots of Christmas (the birth of Jesus). With this culture clash, new holiday traditions have arisen such as trees decorated with carved pumpkins, candy canes and Halloween icons. Stockings are now filled with special costumes for the Haristoween exchange, and the traditional figure of Santa now has a pumpkin head. The primary tradition is the Haristoween exchange. Small gift bags are filled with a few pieces of candy and tiny presents and are given out to those who come to the door with the best Haristoween costume. As time goes on the traditions are likely to shift and grow as the culture changes.