Home Sweet Home Alone attempts to reignite classic magic


Aydann Long, Social Media Manager

Home Sweet Home Alone is yet another installment of the Home Alone series, coming in at movie number 4, when they should’ve cut it off after Home Alone 2. Directed by Dan Mazer, Home Sweet Home Alone hit Disney Plus in mid-November of 2021.
The movie opens in the original home where the first movie takes place. The current owners, Pam and Jeff McKenzie (Ellie Kemper and Rob Delany), are holding an open house event, and are selling the house because they can’t pay off their home loans.
The main character, Max Mercer (Archie Yates) is believed to have stolen a very valuable doll that goes for $200,000, which would definitely help pay off those loans. Just like in every other Home Alone movie, his mother threatens Max that they are going to leave him home while the rest of the family goes on vacation.
Of course, after that threat, Max hides and the family forgets about him when they leave. And then there is a montage of the kid having fun and making a mess, of course.
This new installment tries a more modern take for 2021, saying things like “lit” and “get got.” This is honestly that something movies should stop doing because it instantly dates the movie. The Home Alone series is classic. The original story was great — a story that all generations can enjoy.
This newest Home Alone movie deserves a solid 3 out of 5, only because it wasn’t as bad as Home Alone 3. It actually had a more compelling storyline, with the villains as a couple who wants their stuff back, compared to actual thieves coming into the house.