Best local shops for holiday shopping


Local gift shops shine under the moonlight in downtown Lewiston. Photo courtesy of Sophia Gill.

With the holidays fast approaching, many are in need of presents for friends and family. For some, online shopping can be a hassle, seeing that you can’t physically touch the items and feel the quality of the material. The recent loss of some local businesses in Lewiston also leaves many feeling as though they have no other place to turn but the internet. There are, however, many undiscovered boutiques and cute shops in town that are often overlooked.

Mad Hatter Tea: This local business is a one-stop-shop for all the tea lovers in your life. Not only do they offer a variety of teas, including their iconic Market Spice Cinnamon Orange blend, but they also feature many locally made self-care products such as perfumes, crystals, face products, calming sprays, candles, bath salts and more. Prices range anywhere from $5-$20. (800 Main St., Lewiston)

Catkin: Catkin is a small woman-owned boutique that features a variety of highly fashionable designs from well-known and well-made brands. They also feature many luxurious self-care products, including body oils and candles. Supporting this business not only means purchasing a gift guaranteed to bring a smile to any loved one’s face, but this company also frequently donates a small percentage of its proceeds to charities and important causes. Prices range anywhere from $30-$400. (814 Main St., Lewiston)

Born Again Consignment: This recently remodeled small business carries a variety of brands at prices everyone can afford. You can purchase anything from clothes to crystals to candles in this shop. They also feature art from many local artists in the valley. You’re sure to find something for even the pickiest of shoppers to love. Prices range from $5-$50. (628 Main St., Lewiston)

Skalicky’s Bakery and Gifts: Treats from Skalicky’s Sweet Sensations are sure to make a perfect gift for anyone in your life with a sweet tooth. They offer a variety of sweets, including cupcakes, pies, cinnamon rolls, chocolates, and cakes and treat baskets, plus vintage vinyl records. Prices range from $3.99-$49.99. (800 Main St., Lewiston)
Iconique: Iconique is an Idaho-based boutique newly opened on Main Street. They specialize in trendy women’s clothing and accessories. This highly fashionable small business offers a variety of styles from cute and comfy to formal, so there’s something for everyone to love. Prices range from $20-$80. (618 Main St., Lewiston)

Ampersand Oil and Vinegar Taphouse: Know someone who loves cooking or baking? A gift from this small business is sure to pique their interest. They offer a variety of gifts, including oil and vinegar, spices, dishes, fresh ingredients, tea blends and even in-store cooking classes. Prices range from $5-$80. (609 Main St., Lewiston)

STB Boutique: STB Boutique is a women’s clothing boutique focused on meeting the needs of real women. Thus, they offer a variety of flowy, super-soft, stretchy pieces that are versatile enough to be dressed up or down. You really can’t go wrong with any item you purchase from this small business. Prices range from $8-$60. (1024 16th Ave., Ste. B,, Lewiston)

The Diamond Shop: The Diamond Shop is a family-owned jewelry company. They offer a variety of fine gifts, including jewelery, candles, soaps, lotions, home decor, clothing and children’s toys. You can find a gift for even the hardest to shop for here. Gifts range from $20-$200. Jewelry prices will vary. (700 Main St., Lewiston)

Art Uncorked: This holiday season, you can come and get creative with your gift ideas at Lewiston’s very own art studio. Bring a loved one along for an art session to paint or make pottery, can give them a gift card so they can attend the art class of their choice. You can even create your own masterpiece to give them. Prices range from $10-$100. (504 Main St., Ste. 240, Lewiston)

Village Centre Cinemas: Don’t forget about the movie theater, of course! Whether it’s a gift card or tickets to that movie people can’t stop talking about, there are plenty of great choices here for the movie buff in your life. If you want to make it extra-special, plan a date with a loved one to spend some quality time at the theatre, and pick up the check for snacks and tickets. Ticket prices are currently $8 for children and seniors, and $11 for adults. Gift card amounts are customizable. (2920 Nez Perce Dr., Lewiston)