Hot Shots creates Golden Throne themed drinks

NOTE OF CORRECTION: Certain aspects of this article have proven to be unintentionally false and/or worded incorrectly. It has been updated for clarity as of Feb 16, 2022.

Hotshots made a golden throne themed cup or drink cooler every January up until 2020 when the pandemic started. 2021 Golden Throne was a live stream broadcast for students to watch in their classrooms, and some believed it to be boring and hard to watch with all of the Wi-Fi cuts and glitches. But with the upcoming 2022 Golden Throne, Hotshots has decided to make a golden throne themed accessory for their drinks.

With the new variant of COVID-19 spreading throughout the northern Idaho region faster than the first variant, the owners (Cody and Hailey Holzer) were afraid that one of the teams would get the new variant of COVID-19 and the game would be canceled. Despite this fear, the game went on without a hitch. 500 dollars was donated to the team that sold the most blasts and Hotshots donated 1500 dollars total to donate to the Golden Throne.

There are different LHS and CHS themed things you can get from Hotshots. The Bengal Blast is a blue raspberry, watermelon, and pink lotus. And the Bantam Blast is raspberry, peach, and pink lotus. These drinks are available all year.