Troublesome students bring new rules for school year


This fall administrators at LHS have started enforcing stricter regulations for students in hopes that students will follow them throughout the year.
In the previous school year, students had many problems following rules regarding cell phones, as well as with skipping class, according to Chad Arlint, an assistant principal. In September 2021, a Tik-Tok trend called “Devious Licks” surfaced around the U.S., in which students stole or vandalized school property. This social media trend made its mark on the LHS campus when soap dispensers were ripped from the walls and bathroom mirrors were removed, as reported in The Bengal’s Purr.
Because of this, the administration is enforcing the rule that students must leave their phones on their desks or the teacher’s desk when leaving the classroom. Another rule prohibits students from leaving the classroom during the first or last 15 minutes of class. The goal is to help prevent students from wasting time during class, Arlint said.
Last year, teachers decided whether students could have their phones out in class. Many teachers allowed students to listen to music during independent work and to use their phones while the teacher wasn’t instructing.
Now, students are not allowed to have phones out in class during instructional time, which Arlint claims should be “bell to bell.” And students who sign out to leave during class are not allowed to have their phones with them.
A few rules from last year are still enforced, such as signing in and out of class and taking standardized hall passes. This helps keep track of students while they are out, Arlint said.
Not everyone is happy about these new rules, but Arlint hopes they help students and staff stay on track for the school year. Arlint added that he hopes this year will be a good one for students and teachers alike, with these rules guiding everyone in that direction.