Gattaca still enjoyable 25 years later

Gattaca characters assess their confusing situations in the film. Photo courtesy of

Andrew Niccol wrote and produced Gattaca 25 years ago. And even still, it’s a good movie for those who like futuristic sci-fi or dramatic thrillers. The producers created a well-made movie that follows a smooth pace alongside the movie’s central relationship. The movie is also notable because movies like Gattaca were uncommon when it was produced in 1997.

Gattaca’s ratings have been relatively consistent and also very positive throughout the years. According to, the movie earns an 81% on the Tomatometer; this means that the movie is “fresh.” also gives Gattaca a good rating: 7.8/10. And the film earned itself $12.3 million (gross USA) at the box office.

The main characters of Gattaca are Vincent, Irene and Eugene. Vincent, played by Ethan Hawke, will do anything to reach his dream. He is knowledgeable and witty, making his schemes almost perfect. Irene, played by Uma Thurman, is always curious. She is shown to be patient and loyal as the movie progresses, making her an excellent ally for Vincent. Jerome, played by Jude Law, adds much-needed sass to the movie. He plays a paralyzed man who is no longer of use to the world, while also setting up a great partnership between him and Vincent.

This movie takes place in a world where parents have the ability to choose their children’s traits by selecting the best of their own genes. The main character, Vincent, is born without his parents’ best traits and is prone to many deficiencies and diseases. Being born without those best qualities means that it will be almost impossible for him to reach his dream of going to space. Through a series of considerably shady attempts, he is finally able to work at Gattaca.

Watching this movie feels like trying to get away with a crime. It’s easy to see that Vincent is in trouble and has no idea what he’ll do next. There are many moments when it feels like he’s close to getting caught, but he manages to escape. Throughout most of the movie, it’s clear that he is a bit scared, but he keeps a calm demeanor that it makes his schemes more believable.

The production quality of this movie is spectacular. Gattaca showcases many visuals that make the film engaging and enjoyable. The sets look especially like a retro-futuristic poster, and the effects look very realistic. According to, many computers helped to create lifelike rocket-ship blast-offs and many set designers put together items that give off futuristic vibes. The costumes throughout the movie remain very business-y in style, giving the feeling that everything is a business transaction.

Gattaca ends strangely and feels rushed as all the pieces fit together. However, the film still deserves a 4 out of 5 because it leaves the audience satisfied, it serves up strong visuals, and has kept viewers’ attention for 25 years.