Dr. Fact and Dr. Faux interpret dreams

Dr. Fact and Dr. Faux are local experts in many fields of life (or so they say). They have agreed to advise LHS students who need help with all of life’s aspects.
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Note: Advice given in this column is from Bengal’s Purr writers and does not come from professionals in any way.
Before making any decisions based on this advice, please think through your actions.

Dear Dr. Fact and Dr. Faux,
I have this recurring dream where I’m a professional baseball player, and just as I’m about to win the World Series, the ground moves out from beneath me, and I start falling. What does this mean?
Striking Out Again

Dear Strikeout,
It’s always important to pay attention to your dreams. Sometimes it’s the way we are able to process some of the things that go on in our lives when we are awake. There are pretty common symbols throughout dreams, and when you begin to look into them, you can start to understand what they’re telling you. Among these common symbols is falling, which you mentioned. Falling in dreams tends to mean that you feel a loss of control over a situation you deem important or significant in your life. The fall can also signify the fear and general anxiety linked to not having control over a situation. Essentially, falling in the unconscious is equivalent to feeling helpless while conscious. Less commonly, falling could represent your tendency to hold on to situations that don’t do any good to dwell on. As for baseball, I make the assumption that it’s something important to you. We also dream about things that are important to us. This could be family, friends, success, happiness, and in your case, baseball. Winning in dreams relates to progress and growth. Now, to analyze this specific dream, we’ll start from the beginning. Being a professional baseball player is one of your passions in life, and winning the World Series is something you want to achieve to be successful. When you don’t win and proceed immediately to fall, it links real life anxiety over achievement and lack of control to the feeling of falling in the dream. In a sense, you don’t feel grounded in real life, so there’s not steady ground in the dream. My best advice to you is to talk to someone who knows you and discuss how you’re feeling in order to get an even better understanding.
In Wisdom and Good Will,
Dr. Fact

Dear Strikeout,
I’m gonna give it to you straight — dreams are a bunch of gobbledygook! Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying, or trying to scam you! I remember this one time, when I went to a small town in Oklahoma, I decided to go to a tiny antique store. In said store, there was a lady who professionally read dreams. (She also happened to be the cashier). She said that she would tell me what my recurring nightmare about stuffed animals filled with cheese meant. After $300 and a 25-minute session, all I learned was that I need to lower my cholesterol. But back to the matter at hand. Baseball and falling. According to some website I found online, when you fall in your dream, it means that you actually are falling in love with your next-door neighbor! This can signify that you are yearning for a relationship, but you fear rejection. This fear leads to you never taking risks! And when you never take risks, you end up being a 45-year-old man living in his mom’s basement with his cat Whiskers. While that might be the life for some, I definitely don’t think it is the right career path to go down. From that same website, I also found that having a dream that involves baseball means that you are afraid of sports and athletes! Sports and athletes are very scary if we think about it. All the running, sweating, and concussions. Terrifying! Anyways, my best advice for you is to try not to dream!
Good Luck and Good Riddance,
Dr. Faux