Purposity app presents opportunities to give back

In 2018, the Lewiston School District linked up with a website that allows community members to purchase items for families who struggle to obtain necessities including food, clothing and shelter.

Purposity.com is a website and app that provides lists of items that people can purchase for students and families who struggle with certain expenses. It also helps families that experience homelessness.

This year, 20 local families’ needs have been met, and 772 families’ needs have been met since the app was adopted in 2018. Over 1,121 people have used Purposity to help families in need, according to Cynthia Núñez, Lewiston School District’s community social worker.

“We’ve had a busy start to the school year, a lot of need for clothing, shoes, and food. We see the need for the necessities all year long,” said Núñez.

As temperatures drop and winter approaches, affordable housing is one of the biggest local needs. On a smaller scale, winter brings more need for pants such as leggings and jeans, along with shirts, towels, blankets and mattresses.

“Purposity is a great way to help a fellow student. We help students from K-12,” Núñez stated.

Purposity is easy to use, and the app is free. Each user can sign up with an email address, then scroll down to the ‘Idaho’ section and select ‘Lewiston.’ After that, they can select a goal that represents how many needs they plan to meet each year. Then they wait for a need to be requested.

An individual can even follow the Lewiston School District, surrounding school districts, and other organizations they choose for more personalized requests. Once a week, a notification goes out as a reminder of local needs.

If someone wants to purchase an item to help with those needs, that can be done by clicking on the request of interest and then clicking “MEET THIS NEED,” which is highlighted in blue. The item will be shipped to the intended school or address.

According to Núñez, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to increase the local demand for basic needs.

“It has made it more difficult for families that were already struggling,” she said. “COVID enhanced the crisis mode for a lot of families.”

Purposity is a combination of the words purpose and generosity. The app is based on the idea of a community proving that humanity is good.