Dr. Fact and Dr. Faux take on colorblindness

Dr. Fact and Dr. Faux are local experts in many fields of life (or so they say). They have agreed to advise LHS students who need help with all of life’s aspects.
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Note: Advice given in this column is from Bengal’s Purr writers and does not come from professionals in any way.
Before making any decisions based on this advice, please think through your actions.

Dear Dr. Fact and Dr. Faux,
I really like this guy, and I think he likes me too, but he’s giving me mixed signals. What should I do?
He’s a Red Flag but I’m Red-Green Colorblind
Dear Color Blind,
Thank you for your question! I first want to congratulate you for being honest with yourself and your own feelings. Sometimes it’s difficult to not only acknowledge those emotions, but also have the courage to do something about them. However, you must make the courageous first step. The best thing to do with people that you want in your life is to communicate. As the saying goes, communication is key. Being up front and direct is always the best course of action when you are in any type of relationship (friendship or otherwise). Make sure you are being clear and upfront with your intentions as well. However, if after talking to this guy, you still feel confused or are questioning his intentions, maybe it’s best to take that energy and focus on strengthening your connections with other people in your life. You could even take that energy and put it into some hobbies that you enjoy. Either way, you don’t need anyone else’s approval or company to be happy with yourself. You are a 10/10!
In Wisdom and Good Will,
Dr. Fact

Dear Color Blind,
First of all, why do you even like this guy in the first place? If he’s not 100% clear with his intentions, he’s not worth your time. However, if you REALLY want to know the best thing to do, look no further. Mixed signals are this guy’s way of flirting. You have to reciprocate. Start by giving exactly what you receive. Fight fire with a blow torch, or however that saying goes. Give him mixed signals back. When he wants to be partners on a project just glare at him and ask someone else to be partners. Then offer him his favorite candy. Talk to all his friends during a group conversation but only acknowledge him when it’s just the two of you. Go to his basketball game and cheer for him but leave without saying a word just before the end. Etcetera etcetera. Behaviors like this are a surefire way to get him to fall in love with you. It goes without saying, but eye contact is a strict no-go. It’s also imperative that you remember this: never compliment him. It would be too direct and make him sure that you’re interested, which defeats the whole purpose. Last, and MOST importantly, you have to date his brother.
Good Luck and Good Riddance,
Dr. Faux