Skinners light will be remembered


Photo courtesy of Amy McCall Photography

Lincoln Skinner, a former Clarkston and Lewiston High School student, sadly passed away Monday, Nov. 7, 2022.

When asked about Lincoln, even people who didn’t know him personally knew of him and had something good to say about him, whether it was how kind and caring he was or how he helped them in many ways. Many described him as the kindest, funniest, most loving and most selfless person anyone could ever know. He was always the one to reach out to anyone no matter what. He never failed to remind people that they were loved, and he was there for them. Many thought of him as a true blessing to know.

One of Lincoln’s close friends, Mollie Albrich, remembers him as “being so dedicated to everything he did, especially motocross.”
At races, Lincoln was always the first to run out and help the little kids pick up their bikes and get them back on the track. He always thought of others before himself, especially on the track. Lincoln was truly known for his racing and pulling whips at any jump he could. He never signed his name without his racing number, 201. Kayden Aiken, one of Lincoln’s friends on the track, always saw him “hyping up all of us guys before our races and especially the little kids.”

Cousin Ashlynn Skinner said, “I am blessed to call Lincoln family, for he has been an inspiration to many and will never be forgotten. He is so loved and will be deeply missed.”