LHS cheerleaders perform in Florida Thanksgiving parade


Every year towards the end of November, Walt Disney World holds a Thanksgiving parade in Orlando, Florida. In this parade, cheerleaders from across the country get the chance to perform as All-American cheerleaders, organized by Varsity Spirit.
Lewiston High School cheerleaders were able to go to a cheer summer camp called the UCA summer camp to qualify as chosen cheerleaders in the Thanksgiving event. Around 10% of the members of each school cheer team were selected to participate in the parade. A few LHS cheerleaders from all grade levels were chosen to perform in the 2022 parade. Danica Keane and Jordis Aiken are two juniors who served in this year’s Thanksgiving parade and also danced in the 2020 parade.
The LHS cheerleaders left for Orlando Nov. 20 and returned Nov. 25. Attendees were split into two dance groups that performed on separate nights. They performed at Magic Kingdom Nov. 23-24. Once at Walt Disney, each cheerleader got to do a T-shirt swap with a cheerleader from a different school.
“Being able to go on this trip was an amazing opportunity and such a great experience,” Keane said. “I loved meeting new people from all over the country, and I am very thankful for my coaches for teaching me everything I know, which led me to this point.”