Guys and Dolls coming to LHS in the spring


Photo by Maggie Carr.

(From left right) Dekin Carney, Ayden Diaz, Cale Wilponen and Zachary Steadman read their scripts as they practice their lines for the play.

The LHS Drama Club will present Guys and Dolls for its spring musical, held on March 2-4 and 9-11 at 7 p.m. in the LHS PIFCU Performing Arts Center. Melissa Syverson is the director.

According to, Guys and Dolls focuses on several professional gamblers in New York who play illegally. Nathan Detroit (Lane Riggs) is responsible for setting up the floating crap game, a dice game played in different locations, so none of the gamblers get caught. No one wants to work with Nathan because the police officers are trying to catch all of the illegal gamblers, but many in the elite class are waiting to find out when the floating crap game will be.

While Nathan looks for a spot to hold the next floating crap game, his fiance, Miss Adelaide (Lilly Smith), wants him to marry her and settle down after a 14-year engagement. Nathan tries to persuade Adelaide that he is working on settling down and finding a respectable job even though he is doing quite the opposite.

Sky Masterson (Max Schaefer) decides to make a bet with Nathan that he can take Sarah Brown (Madeline Gibson) on a trip to Havana to fund the floating crap game. Sarah helps with a church-like organization and disapproves of gambling and alcohol. All of these aspects of the storyline are happening simultaneously and create an exciting and comical result.

Guys and Dolls, written by Frank Loesser, combines several short stories written by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows.