Uhlrich Rebuilds School Pantries

Lewiston retiree Jay Uhlrich is slowly but surely restoring humanity, one granola bar at a time.
Donating from his pocket, Uhlrich does routine checks at the community’s elementary, middle and high schools to assess their food pantry demands.
“I’ve [donated to] Whitman, Jenifer, Wallace, and the high school,” Uhlrich explained.
He says he tries to focus on buying quick things for kids, like cereal, granola bars, or small things that can fit into backpacks. His reason for donating is simple.
“I just do it,” he said.
He got started with it about eight years ago at a food bank in Clarkston.
“It just kind of stuck [with me],” he said.
Humble and kind, Uhlrich is the kind of person who inspires others. His dedication to the well-being of students and their families is admirable, as well as his selflessness and gratitude for the opportunities he’s been given.
For any students or families who are struggling with food or clothes in the Lewiston-Clarkston valley, help is available at school counseling centers. At LHS, the student pantry is run by Sarah Willmore, the college and career adviser. Additional aid can be given to students in need at any school, Willmore said.