Golden Throne canceled due to new alliance


In a shocking turn of events, Clarkston and Lewiston high schools made a last-minute decision to cancel 2023’s annual Battle of the Golden Throne due to a newfound, mutual understanding of the trying circumstances that each school experiences.
For decades, the authoritarian regimes presiding over the foreign affairs of both schools have suppressed the media and issued demonizing propaganda, creating a narrow, negative image of each school’s rival and inspiring dangerous ultranationalist movements known as “school pride” to further hurt the image of the opposing school.
Recently, however, several CHS envoys made the perilous journey across the rapid Snake River and up to the peak of the Lewiston Orchards Mountain to establish positive diplomatic relations and break down the arbitrary rivalry based on random geographic origin.
As the peace talks went on, both nation’s diplomats realized that the vast majority of the population of both schools originated from the same region, the cradle of civilization known as “St. Joe’s.” Furthermore, they also realized that the state barriers that divide them are almost entirely arbitrary, and the cities that the two schools belong to might as well be a single city given their proximity.
Following the meeting, mass demonstrations erupted across both schools, demanding an end to the decades-long conflict that, until now, had no end in sight. The school governments, both the authoritarian oligarchs and their democratically elected puppets, were forced to take notice due to such civil unrest, initially trying to suppress the protests, but it was no use. Due to popular demand, the governments agreed to meet in a formal peace summit to discuss the terms of an armistice.
After many months of deliberation, the leaders of Clarkston High School and Lewiston High School agreed to end the war that has divided them for so many years. This included an end to the annual Battle of the Golden Throne as well as a suspension of negative rhetoric used to describe both nations.
Even though it seemed that good relations would be the gateway to democracy and prosperity, the schools discovered oil in their territories, so the U.S. overthrew both their governments and instated new dictatorships.