Golden Throne nears 29 years of competition


From spirited football games to lasting traditions, Clarkston and Lewiston high schools have had a rivalry seemingly from the beginning. Because of this long-lived rivalry, it is surprising to many that the infamous Golden Throne basketball games are only a 28-year-old tradition. The Lewiston-Clarkston Valley’s very first Golden Throne games took place in Clarkston’s Kramer Gym on Thursday, Dec.15, 1994.
The difference between Golden Throne and other rivalry games — such as football’s Battle of the Bridges — was that the primary function would be to promote sportsmanship and spirit between the two schools. Five Lewis-Clark locals were chosen to judge the competitions, basketball not included. They judged five categories, including school sportsmanship (15 points), adult and parent participation (10 points), student participation (10 points), crowd cheer intensity (10 points), and display of school colors in the crowds (10 points).
The whole concept was brought to the Lewiston and Clarkston halls initially by a couple of Clarkston students. They were inspired by similar competitions in the Spokane area. After the idea was reviewed by both Lewiston and Clarkston officials, they both agreed to give it a try. At this point, there was a golden toilet mounted and stored by Clarkston. It was decided that the winner of the competition would receive the coveted golden plunger — a tradition that has carried throughout the years.
Since then, Golden Throne has grown to become a big part of the culture at CHS and LHS. The amount that Golden Throne has grown in less than 30 years is substantial. Flipping through yearbooks in the late 1990s, Golden Throne is nowhere to be found, showing its insignificance at the time. This shows the growth that has occurred since the original Golden Throne.
Although Golden Throne is not an objectively old tradition, it stands as an important part of Clarkston and Lewiston high schools’ culture and spirit.