Dr. Fact and Dr Faux give their opinions on school spirit

Dear Dr. Fact & Dr. Faux,
What’s the deal with school spirit? I don’t see the hype. Should I even go to Golden Throne?

Dear Homebody,
News flash!! The high school experience is what you make it! If you decide that activities that enhance the high school experience are uncool, chances are, you won’t have a lot of fun. Assemblies, spirit week events, school dances, and sports events are what make the world go ‘round! So, in short, go to the Golden Throne game. Not only will you enjoy the electric atmosphere of the healthy competition between the rival schools of Clarkston and Lewiston, but you will also be supporting local charities through this event. So grab some friends, put on your school colors, and take advantage of the one time when screaming is not only okay, but encouraged!
In wisdom and good will,
Dr. Fact

Dear Homebody,
You’re kidding right? School spirit is about being a part of something other than yourself. And this is coming from DOCTOR FAUX! School spirit was my jam back in the day, if for no other reason than to yell and scream and lose my mind over a basketball game. And a golden toilet? Incredible. Spectacular. Amazing. Who comes up with this stuff?!! But the best part? The rivalry. The age-old rivalry between the Lewiston Bengals and the Clarkston Bantams is one for the books. Or in this case, one for the papers. So in short: GO TO THE GAME!!! Go and sport your school’s colors and show off your school pride. Still need convincing?
Here’s two good reasons:
1) To support your team and beat Clarkston
2) To sit on the opposite side and cause chaos
Good luck (Bengals) and good riddance (Bantams),
Dr. Faux