Corey Williams awarded Athletic Director of the Year

Corey Williams (Photo courtesy of

Corey Williams was just recently awarded the Athletic Director of the Year and the Bengal’s Purr staff interviewed him on his achievement.
Staff: How has being ADY affected your career? Have you been recognized outside of the school?
Williams: “Just by people reaching out and saying congratulations. Coworkers and such”
Staff: How have you helped the teams/coaches?
Williams: “My goal is taking care of the little things so coaches can coach. When it comes to scheduling, and preparing games and making sure coaches have what they need.”
Staff: How does your help with the teams and coaches affect them as a whole? How does it affect you?
Williams: “It gives me a sense of teamwork and a sense of responsibility. It counts to be a part of the Bengal team, and I like that. I like working with coaches because I was a coach myself.”
Staff: Is there another AD you think deserves to win this award in the future?
Williams: “I could think of too many to mention. It’s a time consuming job and I’m sure there’s people that are more deserving than me this year. I can think of many people that work just as hard or deserve it just as much as I do.”
Staff: Any advice for other coaches/athletic directors?
Williams: “I would say that there’s no job too small. You’ve got to be willing to do the dirty work as well. Coaches need to see you working hard with your players instead of keeping yourself above their worth. Make sure you’re with your team.”
Congratulations again to Corey Williams and we wish him well as our own assistant principal and athletics director.