Lewiston student tumbles her way to The Bahamas


Payton Hvass, a senior at Lewiston High School, recently visited Nassau in The Bahamas on a gymnastics trip. The Bengal’s Purr sat down and asked her some questions.
Bengal’s Purr: How long have you been doing gymnastics?
Payton Hvass: About 10 years.
BP: Where do you practice gymnastics?
PH: 360 Gymnastics.
BP: How many people went to the Bahamas?
PH: Three, including myself.
BP: How did you place?
PH: I got 5th on vault, 10th on bars, 9th on beam, 4th on floor and 9th overall. [. . .] I won two medals.
BP: How many people were you competing against?
PH: There were 15 people in my age group.
BP: What’s your favorite event?
PH: Floor or vault.
BP: What was your favorite part about The Bahamas?
PH: Experiencing the different culture.
BP: Have you enjoyed doing gymnastics for the past 10 years?
PH: There’s been ups and downs. I wanted to quit (once), but after I did quit, I wanted to do it again.
BP: Is there anyone else in your age group at 360?
PH: I’m the first senior — most people quit before their senior year.
BP: Why is floor your favorite event?
PH: It’s the most interesting. You can dance, and it’s the one most people want to watch.