Spot On offers fun environment, great boba


Spot On Yogurt has been a staple frozen yogurt shop in Lewiston for years. Recently, there’s a new item on the menu: boba. Traditionally, boba is a tea with tapioca pearls. Some boba pearls are chewy, while others pop when you bite them. According to Wikipedia, boba originates from Taiwan. Immigrants brought the drink to the United States in the 1990s, spreading it around the country.
The moment a visitor walks into Spot On, there’s inspiration. Unique signs and posters with bright colors pop out from the walls. The mood is amicable and easygoing, which is partly due to the workers, who are friendly and helpful. Even if it’s a first visit, customers can easily feel at home. This shop is unlike others, where the walls are often plain, and the staff is more formal and uptight.
The boba itself is delicious. It costs $4.75 for the tea and an extra $1 for the boba pearls, which are recommended. There are five tea flavors: Thai milk, matcha, sakura, taro and cotton candy. One favorite is the Thai milk boba, which comes with either half and half or oat milk. It is just sweet enough, and the tea is delicious, even for those who don’t love tea. The boba pearls are chewy and sweet, and the Thai milk earns a 4.5/5. The sakura flavor is sweeter with fruity and floral notes, and the taro tastes similar to coconut with vanilla and nutty notes. Sakura earns a 4/5 and the taro gets a 3/5.
There is another option for popping boba in soda, which is incredible. The soda costs $4.75 and has six flavors: strawberry, green apple, pineapple, huckleberry, guava and lime. To add popping boba costs $1 more, with choices of kiwi, mango, strawberry, peach and passion fruit. With just one sip, the drink is mind-blowing. The soda exploded with flavor and is very carbonated, and the second the boba hits the tongue, it bursts with flavor. The guava soda with peach pearls is a good pick because it’s sweet yet slightly tart and tropical-tasting. The soda with popping boba is a perfect 5/5.
Whether it’s for boba or not, Spot On has something almost everyone. It has many frozen yogurt options, including dairy-free and sugar-free options. Though the flavors change, the current flavors are sweet coconut, red velvet cake, milk chocolate, raspberry, cake batter, cold-brew coffee and French vanilla. The shop has have an array of toppings for the frozen yogurt, from mochi to M&Ms to cookie dough. There are also sodas and juices in a fridge, and next to that, a freezer with containers of different frozen yogurt flavors, all packaged to go. Since there are endless options, it allows anyone to come and enjoy something, even picky eaters or those with dietary restrictions.
Overall, considering the pleasant and unique environment, the reasonable price point, the many options, the distinct flavors and the fact that Spot On is one of the only places to get boba in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley, this place is worth visiting. Whether it’s for a pick-me-up on a bad day or to enjoy a treat with friends, almost anyone will leave Spot On with a smile. For this reason, Spot On Yogurt earns a 5/5.