Wrestling wraps up the 2023 season

he Bengal wrestling team ended the its season at state competitions, coming home Feb. 26 with two first-place wrestlers, Hoyt Hvass and Joely Slyter. This was Hvass’ second year placing first, making him a two-time state wrestling champion for the 126-lb. bracket. The team ended the season with 241 wins and 172 losses.
“I’m really proud of the hard work and dedication these kids showed this year,” said Coach Colton Maddy. “Especially when getting a coaching staff overhaul it can be tough on a new team at times. But for the most part, this group bought right into the new ideas and things being done. They worked hard. The entire team showed great improvement over the season
With only five out of the 14 athletes graduating this spring, Maddy expects to have a solid team next year.
“This year we had to spend a lot of time learning new techniques and new wrestling positions because there were a lot of spots where we just didn’t know much about,” he said. “Since we spent a lot of time covering those this year, hopefully next year can be spent refining and tweaking as opposed to covering brand new things.”
For the coming seasons, Maddy has two pieces of advice to give new and returning wrestlers: “Stay on the mat in the off-season!” he said. “…There’s a mat open somewhere five days per week. And get stronger, and hit the weight room. Being strong is a key piece to being successful in wrestling.”