Winterguard a close knit group

Winterguard is a competitive sport in which students wave and toss flags, rifles and sabers to music. Liam Jenson, captain of the team, said “[It is like] a choreographed dance… whoever is more in sync wins.”
It also provides an excellent method of exercise, according to Jo Ausman, a member of the team. They described it as being less intense than most other sports but still hard enough to cause them to break a sweat.
Winterguard is not considered an official school sport, so the team receives no funding from the school. They have to raise all of the money for their competitions – including makeup, costumes, equipment and hotel money – by themselves.
Sophomore Ryder Jones said, “It’s really hard to get funding for something no one knows about.” All of their money has to be raised through student-run fundraisers, such as bake sales and other similar activities in the school and around the community.
The team travels to Boise three times each year to compete in competitions against other teams. Ausman recounted how healthy and positive the atmosphere was, saying people were talking over one another trying to give compliments.
The sport may seem easy, but in reality, it’s a lot of hard work. Bones Johnson, who joined last year, says he has received many small injuries and bruises, even breaking one of his fingers while spinning rifles. “A lot of people don’t understand how much hard work it takes,” he said. “[When] I broke my finger last October… the biggest reaction I got was, ‘Oh wow, you wouldn’t think, with a sport like colorguard, that something like that would happen.’”
Winterguard placed 3rd in the 2nd division in a competition held Saturday, March 18.
Though often overlooked, Winterguard is a sport that requires hard work, effort and teamwork. It requires commitment but can be fun and fulfilling.
Anyone interested in joining Winterguard can talk to Jenny Ramey, the team’s coach, or Liam Jenson, the team’s captain. Students of any grade can join, and no prior experience is required.