Small-town spring activities

As the days get warmer, many want to get out and spend time with friends instead of staying inside. The issue is most people don’t know what to do. However, there are many ways to stay entertained while staying safe and without spending much money. Lewiston is a very historic town with many things to do and explore.
Many great places in the valley are overlooked, such as The Lost Key Escape Rooms. Two or more people are left in a room with clues and puzzles to figure out the room’s hidden objective to escape before the timer runs out. The rooms are incredibly creative, and the experience is very thrilling. Tickets are $25.94 to book the rooms at 846 Main St.
Another great spot is the LC Ice Arena. This indoor ice rink will be open through April this season. The arena offers public skate events on the weekends, and skate rental is available. The schedule is at, and the rink is at 1521 Sixth Ave. N.
Cafes are great places to meet up with friends and relax. Hot Shots Cafe, Mystic Cafe, Shooting Star Cafe and The Blue Lantern Coffee House all have great atmosphere and delicious selections of food and drinks.
If you have time, take a walk down Main Street. There are a few great restaurants to eat at. Newberry Square is a hall full of interesting little shops. Take some time to admire the historical buildings and sights.
Antique shops are underrated, and quite a few are in the valley. They are enjoyable to walk around in, and looking at the old items and trinkets is a fun activity. Something may catch your eye, and you’ll have a fabulous new (old) thing.
There are quite a few underrated historic spots in the valley. There are a lot of old buildings, especially on Main Street. Museums and discovery centers are everywhere.
The Lewis and Clark Discovery Center is a chain of museums along the trail that Lewis and Clark took. The centers and museums contain fascinating facts and tales from their journey. There is one in Lewiston located on Third Street.
Another great place is the Nez Perce County Historical Society and Museum, also known as the “Heritage House.” The museum contains history from Nez Perce County and surrounding areas.
Hells Canyon National Recreation Area is an excellent outdoor option nearby. It hugs the border of Oregon and western Idaho. It offers 652,488 acres of historic land to explore. There are artifacts from ancient tribes, cave wall writings and carvings, wildlife and rustic remains of early miners and settlers.
Another great option is Palouse Falls, a waterfall in Washington. The stunning waterfall stands at a height of 198 ft. It is certainly worth the drive.
When there’s time and money to spend, road trips with friends are a great idea as well. The Oregon Coast is pretty far, but the drive is worth it. Oregon is a beautiful state with a lot of attractions and beautiful scenery.