Thai Chicken Pizza? Delicious.

Carl Snyder, Entertainment Assistant

The cooks at Southway Pizzeria have dished up a Thai Chicken pizza, which is available now. As a whole, the pizza was quite enjoyable, however, it was not a perfect pie.
First things first, the crust. The most important part of a pizza is the crust, for if it is a bad crust, the whole pizza will be thrown off. The crust that on this pizza was average. It wasn’t fantastic, but it also wasn’t burnt or undercooked. The crust was not seasoned, however it did not need seasoning because it was a flavorful pizza. The crust was also nice and firm, as it held the pizza together nicely.
The sauce on this pizza was the definite star. It was a quite innovative peanut sauce that added a much-needed flavor profile and rounded out the pizza. The sauce was tangy, yet spicy and nutty, with a hint of savory. It made each bite of pizza a flavorful adventure, which is why the sauce was the star of the pizza.
Toppings were so-so on this pizza. They were good for the most part, but the cilantro was overpowering at times. If there was too much cilantro in a bite, the rest of the flavors were undetectable. Other than that, the toppings were delicious. The chicken was tender. The bean sprouts added a nice crunch, which is always a nice element to have in food products.
The balance of toppings on each piece of pizza was inconsistent. Some bites had too much of one thing or not enough of anything. For example, one slice of pizza was covered with chicken, and another had no chicken at all. This did not detract from the pizza much, though.
Overall, this pizza was a culinary success. All of the different elements came together nicely to form a union of flavor that was both unique and tasty, a combination that is hard to find. Based on all of the different variables, this pizza receives an 8.5 out of 10.