Students’ work featured at Center for Arts


Self-portrait by Nam Bui. Image courtesy of Christopher Farnes.

It’s that time of year again for the Center of Arts and History’s Student Art exhibit. The exhibit has been open since April 6 and closes April 30.
From LHS, the following students have their art displayed at this exhibit, according to Christopher Farnes, who teaches art at LHS: Payton Hvass, Sophia Bell, Olivia Wormell, Lili Clark, Alexa Anderson, Taylie Alexander-Jackson, Izaak Puckett, Serenity Krug, Hannah Rossiter, Alektra Zumwalt, Nam Bui, Nancy Barley, Isabelle Hastings, Chloe Laybourn, Ashlyn Nightingale, Emma Cuddy, Kendra Kelley, Peyton Genoway, Adrienne Evans, Haden Thiriot, Grace Mitchell, Vivian Do-Cao, Jayden Denham, Ellie Nielson, Eli Main, Kaitlyn Johnson, Lilly Smith, Ellie Hoover.
Nam Bui, a senior, was of those students selected, and his piece was the product of a simplistic piece depicted as a self-portrait.
“The patterns and the details are something I really like and are something that really matches me” Bui said. Bui draws inspiration from pop and street art because he feels that it encompasses who he is, but the expression of color that he used is something that he prioritizes.
Emma Cuddy was another LHS senior who had her art chosen for the show. She created her own self-portrait piece while trying to capture the expressiveness of an early Renaissance period-styled portrait. This isn’t the first time that Cuddy’s art has been displayed in the exhibit; a landscape painting illustrating her family’s farm showed in the same exhibition years prior.
“I love making art. It’s very tedious but also rewarding hobby that challenges me both artistically and mentally ” Cuddy said.