Lane Riggs continuing his musical journey to U of I


Many LHS students would recognize Lane Riggs, whether they see him on the stage during drama performances or his Tuesday Trivia segment on the Bengal Update. Riggs has been involved in many activities during his high school years and is pursuing further education inspired by his time at LHS.
Riggs has been in every music ensemble except girls’ choir and orchestra, playing drums. He has been in every major and almost every minor production for Drama Club since his sophomore year. He also runs the audio for Bengal Update, in addition to his trivia segment.
Brendan Burns has enjoyed having Riggs in his class. “He’s a lot like me when I was a kid. It was kind of like karma for me being loud and obnoxious as a high schooler. But it’s good– it’s a good, crazy energy,” said Burns.
After graduation, Riggs is attending the University of Idaho. He intends on double majoring in trombone performance and music education. After his experience in the 2022 All State Mixed Choir, Riggs knew that he wanted to have a career in music. Burns, his band teacher, told him to do performance teaching.
Riggs initially didn’t love the idea of teaching, though he wasn’t opposed to it. However, after working with Dr. Fagan, the director of bands at Central Washington University, he has changed his mind.
“Teaching is a lot more appealing now. He does all this cool stuff and goes around and does these conferences and speaks and does all-states. Dr. Fagan made me realize I want to teach more than I thought I did, but I still want to perform, so I still want to obtain the performance degree. Instead of it being a step on the way to performance… it made teaching a lot more appealing,” said Riggs. Ultimately, Riggs wants to be able to teach and perform.
“He has what it takes to be a music teacher or a music professional,” said Burns. “Education as a whole is pretty scarce as far as teachers going into the workforce, and even more so in music education, so if he can hang in there and get through the program, I think he can be a really good teacher. I’m excited and I hope he stays in Idaho so that we can keep him.”
Riggs is grateful for the music experience he got to have in high school and highly recommends staying with it for those who may be considering leaving the program. He also advises joining the honors group. “There will never be another 2023 Idaho all state band ever again. We existed for a weekend in time and that is all that there will be, but that is a once in a lifetime experience that words can’t describe,” said Riggs.
While he is excited to move on this fall, Riggs will miss his time at LHS. “For upcoming seniors: have fun while you can. Your year is going to go by really fast. Especially if you’re in the music department.”