Senior Survey

The Bengal’s Purr conducted its annual Senior Survey this spring for the class of 2023. Out of the class of 2023, which includes roughly 298 people, 64% of them are planning on attending a college or university after graduation. Another 10.6% are going directly into the workforce, and 6.3% are attending trade school. Just 2.6% of the class will be going to into the military. Only 0.5% of the students plan to have a gap year, and 13.2% haven’t decided what they plan to do after graduation.
Out of those who are pursuing higher education, the majority of them, 36%, will be going to Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston. After that, 27.3% will attend the University of Idaho in Moscow, and 6.7% are going to Boise State University in the fall.
From the survey results, the class of 2023 vastly preferred senior year of high school to the other three years, with 61.8% claiming it as their favorite year of high school. Junior year was the second favorite, with 16.7% of students favoring it. Another 13.4% of students chose sophomore year as their favorite, and only 8.1% of students thought the best year of high school was freshman year.
As far as school subjects go, electives were by far the most popular for the seniors, which 48.1% choosing them as their favorites throughout high school. Math, science, and physical education were closely tied with 12.2%, 14.3%, and 15.9% of students favoring those subjects, respectively. English was close behind, with 9.5% of the senior population choosing it as a favorite subject.