DECA returns from Nationals

Recently, Lewiston High School’s DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) competed in Nationals on April 24-27th.
LHS DECA spent the first day at the opening ceremony. Their next day was dedicated to testing. Students were given 100 questions and an hour and a half to complete the exam.
They were also given that day for their prepared events presentation. Students created their presentation – usually a board or a product – in class and were given time to present it at Nationals.
The third day was used for roleplay presentations. Students were given a prompt that required them to respond quickly to adversity within the business, allowing them to exemplify their initiative and problem-solving skills. The last day, which LHS DECA members did not attend, was for the closing ceremony.
Approximately 20,000 people, only 10% of the overall DECA members, were present at Nationals, many of which were from different countries, such as Nepal and South Korea.
Aside from a successful trip to Nationals, the Lewiston High School DECA store has received Starbucks-style cash registers. These will allow members to track inventory with a perpetual inventory system, take credit cards, generate profit and loss reports, calculate margins on specific items and track daily item sales.
In addition, DECA is now carrying lotus drinks, and teachers can purchase items for a 10% discount. Teachers can pay off their bills in the office, pay by check or pay with cash. They are also selling digital gift cards; this way purchases can be made without affecting credit scores.