Original graduation gifts that are not money

It’s that time of year for the senior class to graduate high school. But what gifts will help them while they’re off in college? Gifting money is helpful, but it gets repetitive. Here are some gadgets to gift to the class of 23:
Graduation build-a-bear
One personal and sentimental gift that will comfort them is a graduation build-a-bear. You can customize your bear’s outfit and even add a personal voice box in the bear’s paw. The graduation set can range from $40 to $50, depending on the animal chosen.
Belt bag
TikTok was in part what made this gift popular. The Lululemon belt bag is a perfect, small bag to hold personal items while walking around campus or traveling. The bag comes in many different colors and retails for $38.
Waffle maker
It can be hard to cook meals in a college dorm. A mini waffle maker can be helpful when a simple breakfast is needed. They can cost $10 to $20, depending on the brand.
Streaming device
A Roku streaming device connects to any TV and offers streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney + and more. The Roku streaming stick costs $50 and will be the perfect background noise for studying.
Another item that Tik Tok has made famous is the Stanley tumbler. They come in multiple sizes and colors. The 40 ounce tumbler costs $45. It’s a perfect cup you can carry around campus with the handle on the side.
Staying on top of your classes, work schedules or sports schedules can be challenging. A simple planner can get your senior planned and prepared. Planners can be priced at $10 or more.
Studying in your dorm room or even a library can take a lot of work to focus on. Noise-canceling headphones are a perfect study tool to listen to music and study without distractions. The Apple headphones cost $550. A cheaper option includes Beats headphones, which are $180.
College can be stressful. A weighted blanket is the perfect way to relieve stress. These blankets aren’t just for comfort, but they also ease anxiety. It’s an ideal gift for the dorm room. A good quality weighted blanket costs around $50.
Mini fridge
Another great gift for the dorm room is a mini fridge where students can store snacks and drinks. A small one that can fit on a bedside table costs around $50.