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Behind the Bengal Update

Lillian Samuels and Kaeli Fisher prepare to record the Bengal Update. Photo by McKinley Forth.

The Bengal Update is the morning news broadcast hosted by Lewiston High School’s ASB representatives. After a successful first year, the Bengal Update is back this fall with new faces and ideas.
Lillian Samuels, Brittan Schatz, Sophia Gill, Kaeli Fischer and Kailee Bachman host the production. They do more than just read off lines, though; ASB representatives also work with people behind the scenes to make the broadcast more engaging for students. Samuels, the ASB president, told the Purr, “We believe every kid has something special to offer, so we want as many faces and new content that we can get on there.”
One way the Update connects with its viewers is with its closing catchphrase. Schatz, the ASB vice president, said he is open to suggestions from students for a new line to say when signing off at the end of the update.
Clayton Lee is the segment manager for the Update. He works to bring students on to the broadcast and incorporate new segments. Daily segments like Fun Fact Friday have already appeared on the Update. Still, behind the scenes, there are ideas for ways students can be a part of the extra segments, such as skits with the drama club or game shows where students compete against each other. Students are welcome to contact Lee via email, social media or text, if they f you want to be a part of a segment or have an idea to share.
Along with what students see daily on the Update, a lot goes on behind the scenes. Forrest Delka-Wicks is the head of production and is in charge of the cameras, graphics and audio. Depending on the day, another student might run audio or teleprompter, but Delka-Wicks is always there. Changes have also gone on behind the scenes from last year, and the biggest one is that the broadcast is no longer live-streamed and is now pre-recorded and shown in second hour.
The intro has also had many changes. First, a new announcer, Wes Heiss. Heiss has also commentated on live-streamed basketball games for the school. The intro music is now a cover by students of “Give Life Back to Music” by Daft Punk. Students Carson Pickens plays the guitar, Braeden Chenault plays the bass and Delka-Wicks plays the drums.
The Bengal Update is not only hosted by students but also run by students. Whether on screen or behind a camera, many people come together to make the Update, and the student body can now be a part of making the broadcast more exciting, engaging and relatable to their peers.

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    Carolyne HolbrookNov 4, 2023 at 12:24 PM

    It’s enjoyable every day. I watch it daily.

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