Five Nights at Freddy’s brings nostalgia to theaters

Four main animatronics appear in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Photo courtesy of
Four main animatronics appear in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Photo courtesy of
Five Nights at Freddy’s Official Trailer. Courtesy Universal Pictures Youtube Page

The first-ever Five Nights at Freddy’s game seemed like a one-off made purely for jump-scares, back when it first came out Aug. 8, 2014.
Though the title of the game says “five nights,” this seven-night-long, first-person game simulates a night security guard who must protect a pizzeria. The security guard has to monitor the restaurant on cameras throughout the hours of 12-6 a.m. But the guard has to be cautious of the amount of power he can use because every time he uses his flashlight, closes the door, or uses the cameras, the battery slowly goes out. And the security guard needs to close the door often because the animatronics do get a bit quirky at night.
On Oct. 27 this year, the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie was released. The movie follows the perspective of Michael Schmidt, played by Josh Hutcherson; with a police officer named Vanessa and Mike’s younger sister, Abby.
The movie follows a different storyline than the game, which makes sense as it’s a movie adaptation that most likely wants to follow its own story. The story itself isn’t bad, considering the fact that it is produced under the Blumhouse production company and produced and written by the creator of the game, Scott Cawthon.
Many original Five Nights at Freddy’s fans who grew up researching the lore and watching the theory videos to better understand the game have expressed upset at the story’s plot as it is not the same as the game. Their arguments are understandable, especially if anyone had original expectations for the movies that were crushed. But once again, it’s a movie adaptation; the creator of the games seemed to feel it was necessary to not just write a story based on the games, but to make something new.
And, once again, he does a good job. The movie definitely has its goofy moments that can take away from the horror aspect of the original game. Some parts are disappointing, and some features give secondhand embarrassment. But overall, it isn’t a bad movie.
The director, Emma Tammi, does good work making scary moments that are actually scary. When the animatronics are hunting people, it’s terrifying and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.
True, the writing has its iffy moments — plot holes are apparent, but are patched up in some aspects. And yeah, the animatronics look a little silly and more animated than some would have liked. But the vibes — they were so good.
The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is enjoyable. It is a successful game-to-screen adaptation, and it’s definitely a movie that could be watched repeatedly. From the soundtrack, to the horror to the nostalgia, this movie all around deserves a 5/5.
Because maybe FNAF was the friends we made along the way.

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