How to prepare for the upcoming wrestling season

Photo by Jordis Aiken
Photo by Jordis Aiken

Now that we are entering the winter season, that means it’s time for wrestling. Here is some info for the upcoming season from Coach Maddy:

Q) When are the open mats?
A) Open mats are going right now! Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4:30 in the mat room. The boys usually get down there a little before 3. Come in for a little bit or for the whole thing, it is totally up to you! No experience is required. Everyone is welcome.

Q) What should athletes be doing to prepare for the upcoming season?
A) 1) Come to the open mat and/or get into the club practices in the evening. Knock off the mat rust/learn some new things, and get a jump on all of the other people not working on the mat right now.
2) Hit the weights! Strength makes a big difference; if you aren’t already lifting start making that habit now.
3) Start taking care of your health, for anyone coming off of fall sports, take a week off before coming to open mat and get yourself healthy. Wrestling is a long season, so come in healthy. For returning guys, that also means starting to manage your weight and planning for what weight you want to wrestle.

Q) About when will tryouts be?
A) Wrestling is an incredible sport because we don’t have tryouts, and are a no-cut sport. If you show up, you practice, and you take care of your grades you will compete in meets and tournaments. Wrestle-offs for varsity will be every week of competition once competitions start, but nobody gets cut from the team for not making varsity.

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