Sandwich satisfies tastebuds

Carl Snyder, Entertainment Assisstant

Strike and Spare, the restaurant nestled next to Lewiston’s Orchard Lanes Bowling Center, has created something beautiful, and that something is a sandwich. The sandwich is called the Cock ‘n’ Bull. This sandwich is a flavor bomb, piled high with turkey, roast beef, and lettuce, with mustard and mayonnaise as condiments. The various elements of this sandwich will be analyzed in this review.
For starters, the meat on this sandwich is the definite star. The turkey is moist, which is a big deal. It is really difficult to have moist poultry, as most times it turns out dry. Having succulent, flavorful turkey ensures a delicious sandwich. The roast beef on top of the turkey offers a nice addition to the sandwich. It adds a layer of flavor that contrasted with the turkey. Doubling the meat made the sandwich was extremely hearty. With this kind of sandwich, the hearty factor adds an excellent dimension that makes it hard to beat.
The condiments on this sandwich are superb. The mustard served as a major component. It adds a nice tang to the sandwich, along with giving the illusion that the meat is melting in one’s mouth. It is an unexpected, pleasant surprise that lifts the sandwich to a higher level. The mayonnaise does what mayonnaise usually does, as it makes the sandwich creamier. Overall, the condiments elevate the sandwich quality. .
The sandwich is not perfect, though. The bread is a bit too greasy, so one needs many napkins nearby. However, the bread maintains a crispness that makes the sandwich more enjoyable to eat.
The lettuce on this sandwich is pointless for the most part — it’s just there. It adds nothing to the overall flavor or texture of the sandwich. With that being said, the lettuce also does not detract from the sandwich. So it is not necessarily a bad thing — just not a good thing either.
Overall, this sandwich is extremely enjoyable. The meat and condiments come together in harmony, creating a sandwich that’s hard to beat. For these reasons, the sandwich receives an 8.8 out of 10.