Overhyped: Eggnog is just raw eggs and sugar

Eggnog, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Eggnog, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Every year from the months of October through December grocery stores are infected with the abomination known as eggnog. Why is this monstrosity such a fan favorite? God only knows.
Eggnog is recognized by its signature rich and filling characteristics, but has anyone ever taken a moment to wonder what causes this texture? In hindsight it should be obvious, but the answer to that question is raw eggs. Why is that so bad? Well, consuming eggnog that is made with pasteurized eggs can greatly increase the risk of catching salmonella or other food poisonings. While this is not a large concern with store bought eggnog, the threat of getting sick from homemade eggnog is.
Speaking of the characteristics of eggnog, it’s no secret that drinking eggnog is almost the same as drinking glue; It’s thick, it’s sticky and it’s an off-white color. Not to mention, it’s annoyingly filling. The majority of the time, a meal will go untouched after drinking a cup of eggnog. In short, eggnog is a disgusting drink, and is inconvenient to consume.
Not only does eggnog taste absolutely atrocious, it’s extremely unhealthy. According to eatthismuch.com a half-cup serving of non-alcoholic eggnog contains 200 calories and 8g of fat. Considering the average American drinks two to three servings in a sitting (8oz to 12oz) that adds up to a total of 400 to 600 calories as well as 16 to 24 grams of fat. That, in addition to all of the extra treats consumed during the holiday season, is a recipe for excessive weight gain.
Finally, why go to the store and buy a carton of eggnog for the expensive price of $12.00 when there are so many cheaper, better alternatives? Hot Cocoa, Apple and Sparkling cider or anything pumpkin spice is way more affordable, delicious and more widely respected and consumed than eggnog. According to tsminteractive.com only 44% of people actually enjoy drinking eggnog, as opposed to hot cocoa, which 55% of people claim is their favorite wintertime beverage, 32% of those people claiming they have at least one serving daily in the colder months.
All in all, it’s pretty easy to see how eggnog is not the best holiday drink. It’s gross, it’s too thick, it’s extremely unhealthy, and it’s easily replaceable. As a matter fact, only North American countries and a select few European countries actually drink eggnog, others finding a more sensible alternative. Maybe one day America will come to their senses and find a more reasonable and healthier replacement for this diabolical drink known as eggnog.

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