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Pitbull fears for safety after British law passes

Pitbull trains pitbulls to be fighters for his XL Bully revolution in the UK. Photo illustration by Madeline Gibson.

At the beginning of February 2024, owning, selling or brewing any form of XL Bully type dog in the United Kingdom became illegal. The hunt for singing pop star sensation Mr. Worldwide follows his disappearance on the same day.
The law bans the breeding, sale and exchange of these breeds and their importation into the UK. It also requires these dogs to be muzzled and kept on a leash in public places, and the owner must have insurance and a certificate of exemption. Breeding or owning these dogs without carefully considering the laws can lead to severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment.
Additionally, the law applies to any dog of a type that matches the description of a banned breed, even if it is not a purebred. This means a dog with characteristics similar to a restricted breed could be considered illegal.
The British prime minister is enacting these bans after a long line of fatal dog attacks that have plagued Europe. The final straw was a deadly attack on a man in late September.
When asked about his whereabouts at the time of the event, Pitbull, also known as the enterMr. Worldwide, declined to answer. Since hearing about the ban, he has expressed his outrage on the banning of his people on social media, such as Twitter, stating that the British government needs to “Punish the deed, not the breed.”
Days before the announcement of the ban, he was spotted in northern England. Witnesses stated his behavior was suspicious as he walked through the alleyways wearing all black, a fancy buttoned-up coat and a pair of sleek aviator sunglasses.
Citizens of the UK worry about what this might mean for the safety of their country. A possible pitbull overthrow? Will Mr. 305 take over the world? Theorizers claim that he could run an underground fighting and training club for all Bully type dogs wanting to join a possible revolution. Some even use Pitbull’s previous words as evidence such as, “Just out here workin’ hard and doin’ what we do best: grind, hustle and anything possible to create new opportunities.”
Does the once peaceful figure of Pitbull hide the truly rebellious and violent figure that could be leading such a revolution? Fans choose to stand by him while the Prime Minister proceeds to set out a hunt for the Pitbull of Pitbulls. His continued tweets and updates show that he wants to use his music as a way to spread love and awareness, as he stated, “Pretty soon, I think you’ll have Republicans, Democrats, and Hip Hop as a party.”

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