Will it break the bank?

Jacey Bacon, Opinion Editor

According to yeslhs.com the median home value in the Lewiston School District is $184,500. This means that, to fund a new school, the projected contribution for property owners will be $1.38 per $1,000 of taxable value. The median monthly contribution will be $10.61.
  Many of us high school students could afford this monthly expense, even with part-time jobs. If a homeowner doesn’t wish to better the community by contributing to the building of a new school that will give the future workforce a competitive edge, how else could they spend their money?
•One gallon of mayonnaise
•One month of a standard Netflix plan
•One Nickleback CD
•Two large Dutch Bros. drinks
•Two Little Caesars Pizzas
•Two Subway footlongs
•Two Starbucks drinks
•4 gallons of gas
•A paperback copy of The Art of the Deal
•Three pounds of table salt